Why ReUpholster ? 

Do you have a shabby-looking, tired, old sofa? 

Or does the fabric on your recently inherited chair clash with the decor of the rest of the room?


The right stuffing and some new fabric can turn an eye-sore into the centrepiece of a room and can extend the life of your cherished piece of furniture. 

We will take your chair or sofa right down to the frame and back up again, if necessary.  Sometimes all you want is a fresh layer of stuffing or some silky, fluffy, or crisp new fabric to make a shabby dog-eared piece of furniture “sing” again and make your room come alive!  Or else, your parents’ or grandparents’ precious old settee needs a major overhaul and perhaps some wood clean-up or refinishing ... We offer a solution to every situation.

Whether you’re looking for custom table linens to match your dining chairs, new vinyl deck cushions to make your boat feel new again, or extensive and sensitive restoration to a beautiful antique piece, we’re here to put it together for you.

Whatever your upholstery needs, call to arrange a consult to come and browse through an extensive variety of fabric possibilities, or feel free to bring your own selection to the workshop.

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